Hee Jun Kim

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Hee Jun Kim

Ph.D., RN

Associate Professor


Email: Hee Jun Kim
Office Phone: 202-994-3196
1919 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 500, 541 Washington DC 20006

Hee Jun Kim, tenure-track associate professor, focuses on racial/ethnic differences in health, specifically in disparities in pain sensitivity and chronic pain. Her program of research addresses underlying mechanisms of the differences in chronic pain across diverse racial/ethnic groups. She recently conducted a study exploring multi-dimensional correlates of chronic pain among Asians with various rheumatic disease, funded by National Research Foundation of Korea. She is also working on several multi-center, cross-cultural comparison studies on mental health status among young adults, and nursing students’ simulation education experiences.

  • University of Maryland, Baltimore - Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (2016)
  • Seoul National University – Master of Science in Nursing (2011)
  • Seoul National University – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2004)
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