Clinical Placement Model

Our clinical placement model provides students with faculty and staff support to ensure clinical sites align with clinical course objectives and nurse practitioner (NP) competencies. Our approach includes a clinical placement team dedicated to processing legal documentation required to clear students for clinical placement. Our process is driven by a partnership among students, faculty, and clinical placement staff. This process is driven by student submission of a request for placement in a preferred clinical site. We are dedicated to ensuring adequate and robust clinical experiences for all of our students in alignment with the CCNE Accreditation Standard for Accreditation of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs (III).

Clinical placement requirements are noted on each program page and questions should be directed to our clinical placement team at [email protected].

Process Steps

  1. Students ADVISED regarding appropriate placement relative to clinical course objectives, competencies, and regulatory compliance issues
  2. Students IDENTIFY potential clinical sites and preceptors
  3. Student MENTORED as to how best approach potential preceptors and sites; access networking opportunities
  4. Available preceptor or site
    1. If a preceptor or site is willing and available - HOLISTIC assessment of potential clinical experience is made based on essential information regarding the site, preceptor, and potential to meet clinical objectives (proceed to next step)
    2. If a preceptor or site is NOT willing/available - Ongoing INTERVENTION and support for students unable to identify clinical sites and preceptors (return to step 2)
  5. Approval
    1. Site/preceptor approved - Clinical placement team INITIATES clinical contract process (Students must meet all pre-clinical requirements prior to clinical placement)
    2. Preceptor or site is NOT approved - Ongoing INTERVENTION and support for students unable to identify clinical sites and preceptors (return to step 2)
  6. Student begins clinical experience

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