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Photo of Dr. Cynthia Allen Cynthia Allen Assistant Professor
Photo of Dianne Alston, Coordinator; Policy, Populations & Systems Community Dianne Alston Coordinator; Policy, Populations and Systems Community
Johana Amaya headshot Johana Amaya Human Resources Manager
Audrey Anderson Audrey Anderson BSN Clinical Placement Program Associate
Photo of Kyla Arager, Program Associate - DNP and PhD Kyla Arager Program Associate, DNP and PhD
Photo of Erin Athey Erin Athey Assistant Professor
Photo of Ayomide Bankole Ayomide Bankole Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Melissa Batchelor, Associate Professor Melissa Batchelor Director, Center for Aging, Health and Humanities Associate Professor (Tenured)
Headshot of Sabrina Beroz Sabrina Beroz Associate Director for Programs and Initiatives
Photo of Sue Bhati, Clinical Assistant Professor Sue Bhati Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Dr. Carol F. Braungart Carol Braungart Program Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Assistant Professor
Photo of Denise Bridges Denise Bridges Development Assistant
Photo of Dr. Linda Briggs, Tenured Associate Professor Linda Briggs Program Director, Adult-Gero. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Associate Professor (Tenured)
image of Megan Brown Megan Brown Clinical Education Instructor
Photo of Helen Brown Helen Brown Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Linda Cassar Linda Cassar Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Elizabeth Choma Elizabeth Choma Clinical Education Instructor
Julia Clarke Julia Clarke Clinical Education Instructor
Photo of Paul Collins Paul Collins Simulation Technology Associate
Photo of Dr. Catherine Wilson Cox Catherine Wilson Cox Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Ashley Darcy-Mahoney, Tenured Associate Professor Ashley Darcy-Mahoney Dir. of Infant Research, Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute Associate Professor (Tenured)
Dr. Sandra Davis Sandra Davis Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Karen Dawn Karen Dawn Assistant Professor
Photo of Ellen Dawson Ellen Dawson Professor (Emerita)
Placeholder headshot for Christopher DeJean Christopher DeJean Manager, Clinical Education Operations
Photo of Maritza Dowling N. Maritza Dowling Assistant Professor
Photo of Karen Drenkard Karen Drenkard Associate Dean, Clinical Practice and Community Engagement Associate Professor
Photo of Mercedes Echevarria Mercedes Echevarria Assistant Dean for DNP Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Majeda El-Banna Majeda El-Banna Chair, Community of Acute and Chronic Care; ​Director, Registered Nurse to Bachelor/Master of Science in Nursing Program (RN to BSN/MSN) Program Associate Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Esther Emard Esther Emard Instructor
Photo of Asefeh Faraz Covelli Asefeh Faraz Covelli Assistant Professor
Photo of Crystel Farina Crystel Farina Director of Simulation and Experiential Learning Clinical Education Instructor
Photo of Megan Fujita Megan Fujita Assistant Dean of Assessment and Evaluation
Photo of Mindy Galvan Mindy Galvan Assistant Director of Admissions
Photo of Dr. Jeanne Geiger-Brown Jeanne Geiger-Brown Associate Dean for Research Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Dr. Adriana Glenn Adriana Glenn Assistant Professor
Shalace Gregg Sha'Lace Gregg Program Manager; Ventures, Initiatives and Partnerships
Photo of Dawn Griffin Dawn Griffin Web Lead
Photo of Dr. Kathleen Griffith, Tenured Associate Professor Kathleen Griffith Assistant Dean for PhD Associate Professor (Tenured)
photo of Joyce Hahn Joyce Hahn Associate Professor
Photo of Hannah Hahn Hannah Hahn Program Associate
Photo of Harakoye Ousmane Ousmane Harakoye Research Administrator
Photo of Jennifer Hayes-Klosteridis Jennifer Hayes-Klosteridis Visiting Professor
Tamara Tamara Helvetius MSN Clinical Placement Program Associate
Lynn Henrikson Lynn Henrikson Adjunct Clinical Professor
Photo of Matt Hess Matthew Hess Events Manager, Special Events
Photo of Dr. Cameron Hogg Cameron Hogg Assistant Professor
Photo of Melissa Jacklin Melissa Jacklin Student Programs Administrator
Photo of Pamela Jeffries Pamela Jeffries Dean Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Dr. Jean Johnson, Tenured Professor; Dean Emerita Jean Johnson Dean Emerita Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Christina Johnson, BSN Clinical Placement Program Associate Christina Johnson BSN Clinical Placement Program Associate
Photo of Blair Johnson, Director of Ventures, Initiatives and Partnerships Blair Johnson Director of Ventures, Initiatives and Partnerships
David Keepnews David Keepnews Professor; Program Director, DNP in Health Policy Professor
Cyndi Kelley Cyndi Kelley Simulation Operations Associate
Photo of Dr. Karen Kesten Karen S. Kesten Program Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects Associate Professor
Photo of Joyce Knestrick Joyce Knestrick Interim Director of Nurse Leadership Management; Interim Director of Executive Leadership Visiting Professor
Photo of Dr. Ellen Kurtzman, Tenured Associate Professor Ellen Kurtzman Associate Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Dr. Carol Lang Carol Lang Assistant Professor
Sydnae Law Sydnae Law Director, Community Engagement & Partnership Operations
Tina Le Tina Le Academic Affairs Manager
Picture of Professor Daisy Le Daisy Le Assistant Professor
Photo of Dr. Kathleen Leoffler Kathleen Leoffler Adjunct Professor
Photo of Dr. Mayri Sagady Leslie, Tenured Associate Professor; Director Nurse-Midwifery program Mayri Sagady Leslie Director Nurse-Midwifery program Associate Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Miro Liwosz Miro Liwosz Assistant Dean, Online Learning and Instructional Technology
Photo of Dr. Dale Lupu Dale Lupu Research Professor
Photo of Angie MacIntosh Angie MacIntosh Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs
Photo of Kate Malliarakis Kate Driscoll Malliarakis Chair, Policy, Populations and Systems Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Rebecca Mance Rebecca Mance Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Josh Mannix, Coordinator, Policy, Populations & Systems Community Josh Mannix Coordinator, Policy, Populations and Systems Community
Photo of Nadine Marchi, Clinical Assistant Professor Nadine Marchi Clinical Assistant Professor
Placeholder headshot for Christine Martin Christine Martin Administrative Assistant, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Photo of Dr. Diana Mason Diana Mason Sr. Policy Service Professor
Photo of Dr. Angela McNelis, Tenured Professor and Associate Dean for Scholarship, Innovation, and Clinical Science Angela McNelis Associate Dean for Scholarship, Innovation, and Clinical Science Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Rebecca Melson Rebecca Melson Simulation Operations Associate
Photo of Chantal Mosellen Chantal Mosellen Program Associate, MSN
Photo of David Mossinger, Senior Instructional Technologist David Mossinger Senior Instructional Technologist
Photo of Tiffany Moy, eLearning Specialist Tiffany Moy eLearning Specialist
Photo of Billy Mullins Billy Mullins Clinical Assistant Professor
Jeanne Murphy Jeanne Murphy Visiting Professor
Adejoke Adejoke Ogundiran Manager; Policy, Populations and Systems Community
Photo of Janice Ouellette, Program Associate - BSN Janice Ouellette Program Associate, BSN
Photo of Cara Padovano Cara Padovano Assistant Dean of MSN Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Jeongyoung Park Jeongyoung Park Assistant Professor
Tracey Parris Tracey Parris Program Associate, BSN
Photo of Mary Pearce, Director of Student Affairs Mary Pearce Director of Student Services
Dr. Arlene Pericak Arlene Pericak Associate Professor
Photo of Christine Pintz Christine Pintz Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Laurie Posey Laurie Posey Associate Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Dr. Joyce Pulcini Joyce Pulcini Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Catherine Reisenberg Catherine Reisenberg Director, Washington Squared Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Richard Ricciardi Richard Ricciardi Director of Strategic Partnerships, Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement Professor
Photo of Jeff Richmond Jeff Richmond Director of Enrollment Management
Headshot of Tony Roberson Tony Roberson Visiting Professor
Photo of Nichole Robertson Nichole Robertson Program Associate for Clinical Placement
Photo of Dr. Michelle Rumble Michelle Rumble Assistant Professor
Photo of Ken Schappelle Ken Schappelle Director of Marketing and Communications
schroeder photo Heidi Schroeder Senior Instructional Designer
Photo of Dr. Mary Jean Schumann Mary Jean Schumann Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Rhonda Schwindt Rhonda Schwindt Director, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Associate Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Christine Seaton Christine Seaton Assistant Director of Simulation Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Whitney Shanley Whitney Shanley Clinical Education Instructor
Photo of Betsy Shaw Betsy Shaw Human Resource Manager
Photo of Srijana Silwal, Senior Financial Analyst Srijana Silwal Senior Financial Analyst
Photo of Dr. Pamela Slaven-Lee Pamela Slaven-Lee Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Associate Dean for Student Affairs Clinical Associate Professor
photo of Shari Sliwa Shari Sliwa Project Director, Pathways Project
Placeholder headshot for Payton Smith Payton Smith Project Assistant
Placeholder headshot for Rebekah Smith Rebekah Smith Associate Director of Admissions
Photo of Andrew Smith-Mu Andrew Smith-Mu Financial Analyst
Photo of Haley Stepp Haley Stepp Senior Communications Associate
Photo of Kristen Stevens Kristen Stevens Clinical Education Instructor
Headshot of Jessica Taylor Jessica Taylor Community Coordinator; Acute & Chronic Care Community
Photo of Cheryl Toulouse, Clinical Assistant Professor Cheryl Toulouse Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Joe Velez Joseph Velez Executive Director of Operations
Dr. Maggie Venzke Margaret Venzke Director, Adult-Gero. Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker Executive Associate
Photo of Sherrie Wallington Sherrie Flynt Wallington Assistant Professor
Photo of Jennifer Walsh Jennifer Walsh Clinical Education Instructor
Photo of Katie Whitman, Multimedia Producer Katie Whitman Multimedia Producer
Dr. Karen Whitt Karen Whitt Associate Professor
Photo of Dr. Gretchen Wiersma Gretchen Wiersma Director of BSN Clinical Education; Veterans & Military Faculty Liaison Assistant Professor
Photo of Laurie Wilson Laurie Dodge Wilson Research Instructor
Joshua Wolinski Joshua Wolinski Assistant Director of Admissions
Headshot of Kristen Woolard Kristen Woolard Academic Advisor
Photo of Dr. Stephanie Wright Stephanie Wright Professor (Emerita)
Photo of Joy Wu Wenxia (Joy) Wu Senior Instructional Designer
Photo of Dr. Karen Wyche Karen Fraser Wyche Research Professor
Photo of Dr. Tony Yang Y. Tony Yang Exe. Director, Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement Professor (Tenured)
Photo of Dr. Qiuping (Pearl) Zhou Qiuping (Pearl) Zhou Associate Professor (Tenured)
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